Top Tools for Amazon Sellers

Use the links below to find all the tools that I use to run my Amazon FBA business.  Selling on Amazon Prime is different than any other platform that I have used before (Ebay, Etsy, etc).  For that reason, some of the tools listed below are specific to Amazon, while others would be helpful selling on other platforms as well.

Clicking these links really helps me, as they are mostly affiliate links.  Affiliate links don’t change anything for you, it just means that I get a little piece of the sale, if you choose to buy something after clicking through.  I do not recommend anything that I don’t use and/or have firsthand knowledge of.

Monthly Services That I Can’t Live Without

That help me work smarter, faster, and better

DYMO® LabelWriter 450 Turbo Thermal Label Printer

It stinks processing items without a good single label printer. You do not want to be running full sheets of labels through your inkjet printer over and over as you process items. Fortunately, this Dymo LabelWriter solves that problem. You can print labels as you need them, and you can even have labels print automatically each time that you process an item in Inventory Lab. Having this little printer is crucial to my ability to process items quickly in Inventory Lab.

Dymo® Compatible Replacement Labels

You'll go through lots of labels. The brand name replacements are super-expensive and come fewer to a roll. I've always used these and they work perfectly.

Wagner Power Products 503008 HT 1000 1,200-Watt Heat Gun

Removing price stickers from your purchases will become the bane of your existence. Lucky for you, this handy Heat Gun makes life 1,000,000 times easier. Just warm up the sticker before scraping it off, and, *presto*, the sticker will come right off. Sometimes. Seriously, though, this helps a ton. You should buy one.

Fujitsu Document Evernote Edition Scanner

When it comes to organizing your receipts, the only thing better than Evernote is the ability to get content into Evernote fast. That's why this scanner is so wonderful. With just a push of a button, my receipts are immediately sent to Evernote. It's like magic. Oh, and it's wireless, so it's like...double magic.

Scotty Label Peelers

Removing price tags is a miserable experience. Thankfully these label peelers make life much simpler. Just warm them up with the heat gun and then scrape them off with these peelers and you'll be all set. Be careful, though...the big scar on my finger is proof of the fact that these are sharp!

USB Barcode Scanner

Having a bar code scanner will save you loads of time searching products in Inventory Lab. If you are selling lots of different products (like I show you throughout this site), you'll definitely want one of these.

Choking Hazard Warning Labels

The last thing we want is to have someone choking on our shrink-wrap. It's also the last thing Amazon wants. So they require these stickers on anything shrink-wrapped. If you don't put one of these stickers on a shrink-wrapped item, Amazon will label it for you, and then charge you a fee that far out-weighs the cost of the sticker itself. Just get into the habit of using these whenever you're in doubt, and you'll be good to go.

This is a Set Labels

Sometimes what you sell is actually several units of the same product. When this is the case, you need to label your package with one of these stickers so that Amazon knows that your five-pack of toys is 1 five-pack, instead of 5 different toys to sell separately.

Tape Dispenser

I like having a chunky, heavy-duty tape dispenser. This one is great because it's really solid, so I can pull tape out without having the dispenser fly across the room. It also has a handy little spot for tools, which is where I keep my peelers, scissors, Sharpies, and pens.


You'll need plenty of tape available to make product packaging Amazon-friendly as well as taping up your moving boxes to ship them to the Amazon warehouse. This is something that you won't want to run out of. Have extra on hand.

Box Resizer

No, this is not a weapon. It's a box resizer. If you have lots of extra space in a box that is headed for an Amazon warehouse, you can cut the box down to size: saving money on shipping and keeping the contents better protected. You probably won't need to cut boxes in each shipment, but you'll do it enough so that it's nice to have a tool on hand to do it quickly.


I have four kids in my family, and, when it's craft time, somehow they think they can raid daddy's office for pens, Sharpies, and scissors. I used to get frustrated and try to figure out who took my scissors. Now I just buy them in 10-packs.


I use Sharpies to label help me keep temporary information on my moving boxes. Things like which warehouse a box is headed to and how much it weighs is nice to just jot down on the box so you don't forget and keep the boxes straight. That...and all office spaces should have Sharpies. They're great.